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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

2019 VOGUE Fall Charity Fashion Show @West Edmonton Mall

When you are planning an event, it can be a long arduous and treacherous journey. Putting the entire event together, the planning and production aspect, is extremely challenging, and getting people to actually attend your event, the promotional aspect, is an entirely different problem. In a sense, you are fighting a great war that consists of two battles, so like any good general, strategy is key. Today, I’m going to give you 5 tips to help you hit a home run, and possibly sell out your next event, so let’s get to it…


If you are going to war, then you need an army! Your team needs to be broken up into two components, the officers (reliable GRINDERS who get the job done at a high level no matter the cost,) and your infantry (team members who are equally skilled, but perform a very limited function well.) It’s important to have a clear chain of command, open communication, clearly defined tasks and timelines, as well as a frequently updated checklist that is globally accessible to all team members. Typically, a good event will need:

  • Music - A great DJ will set the tone and keep your guests entertained in between your acts. Dead space is a mood killer, so make sure you don’t cheap out on this particular aspect.

  • Sound & Lighting - Get a sound and lighting technician who knows what they are doing! Nothing is worse that horrible lighting and sound to send guests flocking for the doors and over to Facebook and Google to hit you with some bad reviews.

  • Event Decor - Get someone with a keen eye for decor, then stand back and let them do their thing.

  • Catering - A good event always provides something to munch on, you don’t have to set the tables and roll out a feast, but pass-around appetizers at the very least are a must.

  • Interactive & Fun Elements - Socializing and networking are always fun, but you need more to hold people’s attention for a long time. Always include a number of different fun and interactive elements for people to enjoy, a photo-booth is always a good go to, along with some sort of secondary attraction, an art exhibit, silent auction, donut wall or liquor tasting station.


The theme of your event goes a long way towards inviting the right crowd. One theme is mildly effective, but combing two or three is godly! Our most recent event was a “Charity Fall Fashion Show.” We combined three elements to create an overly enticing theme, charity, fashion, being the primary elements, and the secondary element was a seasonal one to really narrow down the specificity of the event and attract the right audience. Here are some potential themes for you to consider when you are putting your next event together…

  • Fashion - A good fashion event is always fun and engaging, but be careful, you have to be very precise with your time, and be ready to go searching for the right combination of brands to work with. There is also a seasonal element to fashion, so be prudent in your approach, and plan well ahead of time

  • Musical - Live music will never go out of fashion, but there is also no shortage of under talented hobbyists to muddy the waters. Pick the right combination of bands and artists and try no to mish mash too many genres that aren’t complementary. If you can’t find the right grouping of talent, go with a DJ. A great DJ can carry a show all night long.

  • Social & Networking - People love to mix and mingle, you can never go wrong if you become the person who is able to effectively facilitate the coming together of like minded people.


Don’t skimp on the marketing of your event, I’ve seen this happen time and again, and the outcome is NEVER a good one. The three main areas you want to invest in are:

  • Graphic Design - Get a designer involved! You want to make sure that the visual representation for your event is a GOOD one. A hi-res, attention getting flyer/poster that is creatively designed with the right colour scheme, imagery and font will significantly boost the profile of your event. Also, remember to make version of the flyer that fit the different social and marketing platforms out there.

  • Get a video/trailer made. Every time you do an event, it’s a great idea to get a videographer involved to capture the fun, energy and emotion of your event. This video will act as a highlight of your past work, as well as a great marketing tool to showcase the calibre of your events to future event guests.

  • Social Marketing - Budget for some paid advertising on Facebook & Instagram at the very least. Social media allows you to use analytical data to specifically target YOUR demographic. This means that you can reach thousands of people on a micro-budget, which is really win/win!

Of course there are MANY elements involved in planning a successful event, but hopefully the ones we have outlined above will get you started on the right foot. In a perfect world, my suggestion would be to ALWAYS get a seasoned event planner to plan your event for you, and then focus on doing whatever it is you do best. We do have a phenomenal event production, planning and promotion team, so if you need a hand with your next event, feel free to shoot me an email at

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