5 Ingredients for the Perfect Logo

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Entrepreneurs are people of action! They have bold ideas and they work tirelessly to bring those ideas to life. The drawback however is that sometimes we are so focused on the big picture, products and services, that we often overlook the importance of eye catching logo design. If you think about it, your logo is often the first thing people see about you before they get a taste of what you have to offer, and first impressions are crucial. Personally, I don’t even bother scanning over a website if the logo design is unappealing. In my mind, if they couldn’t be bothered to allocate the necessary amount of time to the design of this, the visual representation of their brand, then what horrors lay in wait for me on the inside…

Lucky enough for you though, today we are giving you the 5 key ingredients to creating the perfect logo for your brand.

1. Simplicity

Our design philosophy is practical and to the point, less is more. Try to keep it simple and limit yourself to no more than three colours to start, and a very limited amount of text (this does not include your catch phrase, your logo should be identifiable with or without your catch phrase.) Think NIKE! The traditional NIKE logo is the check mark, or swoosh, and their catch phrase “Just Do It” is a complementary element that is able to represent the brand without the logo.

2. Utility

If your new logo looks good by itself, but dreadful everywhere else, then you’ve gone half way. Your logo is your representation, and as such, it needs to be presentable in multiple formats and colour schemes. Think big, one day your logo is going to be on event flyers, print ads, Billboards, shirts, envelopes, letterheads, you get the point. If it lacks the utility to stand out cross platform, you might need to do a bit more work on it. Take your time with this, it’s better to get it right the first time, instead of getting your first run of business cards and brochures to realize that you might need to redesign your logo.

3. Permanence

It’s safe to say that you are planning on staying in business for a long time to come, so when it comes to your logo design, think that way as well. Staying away from current fads and anything that seems like “bling.” Fads always pass, and our attraction to bling fades as we mature. You can never go wrong with symbolism and legible text, so consider those options first and foremost, and the rest will be a walk in the park.

4. Relevance

Every industry has a minimum acceptable standard, and that is where you should start, you don’t have to be conformist, but you do need to be appropriate. Your logo is meant to be a reminder, an icon, a symbol for your brand. If you’re trailblazing an industry then make sure to set the appropriate standard, pick colours that go well together, legible font, along with recognizable symbols, and you can’t go wrong.

5. Memorable & Distinctive:

Be bold and stand out! You don’t have to create a logo that will rival the global giants, but you do need to differentiate yourself from the other players in your immediate vicinity. Before you jump into a segment, do your research, see who you are going up against, and what they bring to the table. Once you know what everyone else is working with, take stock of what works and what doesn’t work, and then use what you have learned to construct the perfect logo. This doesn’t mean “be a copycat,” it means learn from those who have gone before you, and avoid their pitfalls…

When you combine all 5 of these ingredients, what you get will be a uniquely identifiable logo that will not only leave a lasting impression in your client’s mind, but stay relevant and withstand the test of time. If you would like to book a free consultation, email me at mukai@sparqmedia.ca and it will be my pleasure to help you out!

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