0 - 100: Acting on Good Ideas Without Hesitation

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

The 2019 Winter Wonderland Charity Fashion Show

Ideas, if they aren’t worked on, quickly die out and are replaced by new ones. This unfortunately goes for ALL ideas, bad ones, mediocre ones, good ones, and event GREAT ones. The problem however, is that if you are thinking it, you best believe that someone else is, and if they aren’t, the probability that they will in the not so distant future is quite high.

This is why it’s vitally important to develop the capacity to recognize a great idea and then execute. Your execution should be bold and confident, go from zero to one hundred (0 - 100), and don’t look back… I had one such idea when I was contemplating the next theme for #ArtWineCharity, an annual event I hold in support of the Lois Hole Hospital for Women. I was walking through the lobby of the brand new Edmonton Tower, located in the ICE District, across from Grand Villa casino. It’s beautiful lobby, accented by furniture and plant decor to give it a very lackadaisical feel, while maintaining a professional allure. It hit me like a lightning bolt, FASHION SHOW!


For me, the process of going 0 - 100 is simple, and only has three primary steps steps in it (the three steps breakdown into smaller more complex tasks as you execute.) I like keeping the overall picture simple, and these three steps act as skeleton of sorts. Once you have the skeleton, filling in the details is simple and straightforward. My three steps are as follows:

  1. Consult a trusted advisor

  2. Plan & Strategize

  3. Execute

Step 1: Trusted Adviser

Before I execute on a big idea, I consult a trusted adviser in the field I am about to venture into. It’s important to have an adviser who knows their respective field in and out, and knows YOU well enough to be able to offer a professional critique of your idea, and then weigh in on how well they think the idea resonates with you. For this project I went with Jasmine Duncan, founder and owner of SP Events, the number one up and coming event planning companies in Edmonton. Jasmine and I have worked together on a number of projects and she has proved to be an invaluable asset, and even better friend and partner.

Step 2: Plan & Strategize

For some reason, planning and strategizing don’t come hand in hand for a lot of us, and that is a problem. Remember, a plan is a great foundational element to have, but without an effective execution strategy, the likelihood of your plan failing increases drastically. Formulate a detailed plan that covers everything from budgeting, right down to a detailed itinerary. Once you have your foundational elements together, your plan, then you strategize on how to effectively execute.

Step 3: Execution

This is the most arduous part of the plan, because all the conceptual work you have done is now coming to life. Build a strong team, two or more people, and then divide the task between the team members based on their respective strengths. It’s important to have the more experienced team members take the lead roll and support the more inexperienced members as needed. Most importantly, you have to be relentless in your execution and follow through, meet resistance head on and find a way to overcome it while causing very little to no agitation at all.

What makes this process manageable for me, is breaking it down into variables that I can understand and work with. I keep the primary steps to a minimum, three, and I make sure to consult a professional whose opinion I trust before getting started. Your 0 - 100 doesn’t need to look like mine, but you do need to make sure it’s simple and to the point. Lastly, have fun with it, and see it through to the end, it WILL get hard when you start to execute, and you WILL encounter some resistance, push through it and get it done - Mukai

Edmonton Journal : WINTER WONDERLAND 2019


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